Thursday, April 23, 2015

Has anyone experienced a glitch in Primavera P6 Team Member where you setup the project to require status update approvals, however the updates go directly into the P6 schedule without stopping for approval?

There is more information in the P6 8.x user guide, but most likely the project preferences have not been configured correctly. Here are some brief instructions on how to do so.
To configure status updates:
1) Click Projects.
2) On the Projects navigation bar, click EPS.
3) On the EPS page:
a. Select a project.
b. Click the Actions
menu and select
Set Project Preferences....
4) In the Project Preferences pane, click Team Member.
5) On the Team Member page, click the Status Reviews tab.
6) On the Status Reviews tab:
a. Select Enable review for team member status updates.

Can you please guide me as to how I can convert a manually entered and baselined project into a Project template in Primavera 8.3.0

Without going into P6, I am almost certain that when you go to action>add project template, it gives you the option to copy from an existing project. You can select the project you manually entered and baselined and add it as a project template. My thought is that it's not going to carry over the baseline as each baseline is specific to the actual project and will not be a copied over feature. I will replicate for accuracy.

Issue with modifying a report with Report Wizard

You may not have security to change the reports. Depending on which P6 version you are using, you may need to change it in the global profile or you may need to contact your admin to change it.

Edit Global Reports Create, edit, and delete global reports; edit report
groups and global report batches; and save global
reports created or modified by the Report Wizard.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

P6 Physcial % Complete not working anymore...?

Check to make sure the activity % complete type is set to physical on the general tab. Easy thing to overlook. Also earned value preferences to make sure it's pulling from activity % complete.

What are required from a planner for his/her weekly report?

Schedule, Critical Path, Activities that are of importance around the time of the report, EVM figures by WBS/phase/gate.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Performance % showing in WBS 100% Completed (P6), but activities are not completed.

In Admin Preferences you need to set the technique for computing performance percent complete to pull from activity % complete. That should fix the issue. Also check it in the WBS section.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Why I don't see any related tasks on activity in the P6 iOS application?

Click on the activity in the list of activities. Also, this application is referred to as the Team Member app. So you need to be an activity owner, primary resource or project manager with rights to the activity. It is not the all-inclusive P6 EPPM application that you use on the desktop. This application is for team members to update their tasks that they are responsible for or assigned to or are the owner of. Related tasks can be accessed after selecting the respective activity.