Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How do I delete financial data?

1. Open projects that show a difference between columns for actual this period and actual costs or units. There is stored period data in any projects that show a difference between those fields.
2. In Activity view, select View, Show on top, Activity Usage Spreadsheet then View, Timescale and set to Financial Period.
3. Right-click the Activity Usage Spreadsheet and select Spreadsheet Fields and select the appropriate Financial Period Value field(s).
4. Select view, Collapse All to find project with financial period data during the period you want to delete.
5. Either delete the project or remove the project's financial period data.
6. Once all projects show no financial period data in the period you want to delete, you should be able to delete the financial period without issue.

How to delete financial data from the database.

You may want to check the resource assignment for the project and activity. You may also have to do this at the database level. Not sure if you're on client or web, but here are the scripts for the client. How to run a database query to find the actual units and cost that are stored in financial periods for a specific resource assignment. The query will return the actual units and cost along with the financial period they are stored in. select t.act_qty, t.act_cost, f.fin_dates_name, f.start_date, f.end_date from trsrcfin t inner join findates f on t.fin_dates_id = f.fin_dates_id where t.taskrsrc_id in (select taskrsrc_id from taskrsrc where rsrc_id in (select rsrc_id from rsrc where rsrc_short_name = 'XXX')) and t.task_id in (select task_id from task where task_code = 'YYY' and proj_id in (select proj_id from project where proj_short_name = 'ZZZ')); Substitute the blue text with the specific information for the resource, activity and project. XXX - Resource ID YYY - Activity ID ZZZ - Project ID

Friday, October 23, 2015

Why are the dates in the WBS hidden?

In P6 client, Go to Group & Sort>Click on show group totals. Should fix the issue.

Monday, October 5, 2015

How do you upate progress?

You want to choose one way or the other. Either doing it manually or using auto-compute. It may depend on how many activities you are looking to update. There is information on updating in the use guide as well.

Common updating process steps:

Create a baseline
• Identify the new data date
• Enter activity progress throughout the week (update duration remaining & at complete, dates,
or physical % complete).
• Report resource use and costs to date (done automatically by timesheets & apply actuals).
• Reschedule using the new data date (done by job services).
• Perform baseline analysis.
– Compare current plan to baseline plan to analyze variances.
• Monitor project progress with reports.
– Determine whether project objectives are being met.

Updating the Progress of Activities Using P6
Update status to define percent complete and start and finish dates.
To update status:
1) Click Projects.
2) On the Projects navigation bar, click Activities.
3) On the Activities page, select an activity and click the General detail window.
4) In the General detail window, in the Status section:
a. Select or clear the Started and Finished options.
b. If you select an option, click
and select a date from the calendar.
c. Enter a percentage in the Activity % Complete field.
5) On the Activities page, click the Actions
menu and select
Save (Ctrl+S).

Can I export a P6 project to excel?

Yes. In the client and web you can do it. Client: File>Export>Spreadsheet - (XLS)>Select XLS file type.

Web: You can export the list of projects in your EPS view to a Microsoft Excel (.xls) file.
To export projects: Click Projects>On the Projects navigation bar, click EPS.>On the EPS page. >Select an EPS view from the EPS View list>Configure the EPS view to determine what data are exported.>Click the Actions menu and select Import/Export Export to Excel>In the File Download dialog box, click Open to open the Excel spreadsheet or Save to save the file to your computer

Thursday, October 1, 2015

How do you show program costs in P6 8.3?

If by program, you mean can cost load your resources on the activities, you can add costs to the budget and spread it, you can add costs to the expense tab to the activity. All costs will roll up to budgeted and then as actual as you either charge time (actuals) or reduce your budgeted expenses by actuals every time period. If by program, you truly mean "program", usually a group of projects will roll up to being a "program" in the EPS view of P6. You can also group projects as a portfolio and have them populate a dashboard or portfolio view. This is the short version of a response because we could expand on this topic for days.