Wednesday, May 20, 2015

If you are experiencing Java Plugin issues when in P6 8.x web.

If any of you are using 8.x – 15.1 and experiencing Java Plug-in issues with Firefox 31-38; most noticeably loading the page and see the block plugin icon appear, you can use this workaround to allow the sites you are trying load to pass through as trusted sites (I’ve only added Oracle/PGBU sites). This will speed up performance and reduce the actions for the subsequent loads. Feel free to share.

As a workaround, you can use the Exception Site list feature to run the applications blocked by security settings. Adding the URL of the blocked application to the Exception Site list allows it to run with some warnings.
Steps to Add URLs to the Exception Site list
  1. Go to the Java Control Panel (On Windows Click Start and then Configure Java)
  2. Click on the Security tab
  3. Click on the Edit Site List button
  4. Click Add in the Exception Site List window
  5. Click in the empty field under the Location field to enter the URL

    (URL should begin with http:// or https://)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Please explain the total float options in the schedule options feature.

If you are referring to compute total float, you have 3 options in the schedule options dialog box. Here are the options and there explanations.

Compute Total Float As option

Determines the method to calculate total float for all activities based on the following methods:

Start Float: The difference between the early and late start dates (Start Float equals Late Start minus Early Start).

Finish Float: The difference between the early and late finish dates (Finish Float equals Late Finish minus Early Finish).

Smallest value: Select to use the most critical value, which is the smaller of the start float and finish float values.

I'm using P6 web 8.3 and I'm trying to figure out how I can manually enter my remaining hours by week/month, in the same way I used resource assignments in the windows client.

Bucket planning is available in version 15.1.

Schedule % and performance % not showing any data.

Most likely need to tie EVM options in the admin preferences to activity % complete.

Has anyone experienced Global Activity Code structures changing on their own? I am currently facing this issue. The database is accessed by 20+ Project Planners. XER Imports are often carried out.

Not sure what versions you're using, but you may be able to click the column header and it will go through a sort. Now that I see that you have folks importing projects, depending on the version, some of their coding may be coming in as well.