Friday, July 30, 2021

Baseline Execution Index (BEI) check

 BEI - Activities with No Project Baseline Finish Date Section of the Schedule Check Report Dialog Box


Use this section to view the data on activities that matched the requirements for the Baseline Execution Index (BEI) check. This check measures the number of activities that have been completed as a ratio to those activities that should have been completed according to the baseline.

Only a subset of the activities in the open projects are checked to see if they are complete or should have been completed. WBS summary activities, activities with no actual finish date, milestones, and Level of Effort activities are removed from the subset to create the list of completed activities. WBS summary activities, milestones, Level of Effort activities, and activities with a baseline finish later than the data date are removed to create the list of activities that should have been completed. The number of completed activities is then divided by the number of activities that should have been completed to find the BEI ratio.


Friday, July 16, 2021

P6 EPPM - Run a project audit report


Lists the Project Name and Project ID selected for the report the date and time from which and to which audit data is presented and the audit date. Also lists the time the change was made, the application from which the change was initiated, the username which changed the table, and information about the changes made for each change recorded by the auditing feature including the primary key, database column, old and new values, and the operation (insert, delete, or update) for each table that was changed.

  1. Click Reports.
  2. On the Report page:
    1. Click the Reports tab.
    2. Expand the P6Reports folder.
    3. Expand the Administrative folder.
    4. Expand the Audit folder.
    5. Click Audit Data - Project.


Oracle Primavera Cloud - Tips and Tricks

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Thursday, July 15, 2021

P6 vs Oracle Primavera Cloud comparison

P6 features versus Oracle Primavera Cloud. If you need the actual file instead of going to the link, please contact me at

P6 to OPC Comparison pdf

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Setting up a WBS template

 For the WBS, you do have the WBS ID/Code field in the Activity View to enter a custom value.


Default Activity ID setup

In P6 EPPM (web)>Projects>Go to project>go to gear>Project Preferences, General you can set the default Auto Numbering for Activity IDs.