Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What happens when a customer is in the cloud and wants to upgrade the P6 Client?

Upgrading and Patching P6 Professional Scenarios

Every time a user attempts to log in to an instance of P6 Professional that has been installed using ClickOnce, P6 Professional checks the server from which it was launched for the most recent version of the application. If the version on the server is the same as the version the user is using, then nothing will happen and the user can begin to use the application. However, if a more recent version of P6 Professional becomes available as either a patch or an upgrade, then the Update Available dialog box will appear to users and prompt them to update or skip the P6 Professional version update.  Note: The Update Available dialog box appears only once for each new version of P6 Professional. If users choose to skip the version update, the Update Available dialog box will not display in the application until a newer version update becomes available on the server. The following sections describe the different patching and upgrading scenarios that users might experience.

Accepting a Version Update

When a user accepts the version update, that user’s P6 Professional instance will close and automatically patch or upgrade their instance. After the patching or upgrade process completes, P6 Professional launches to the application login page.

The following list represents the process a user experiences when accepting a version update:
A user attempts to log in to P6 Professional. P6 Professional checks the Oracle Primavera server for a new version of P6 Professional and determines that there is a new version of P6 Professional available that the user can download and install.
  1. The Update Available dialog box appears to the user. The user clicks OK.
  2. The user's instance of P6 Professional closes, the new version of P6 Professional downloads from the Oracle Primavera server, and P6 Professional silently updates to the most recent version. Users can check the progress of their update with the Updating P6 Professional dialog box.
  3. After the update completes, P6 Professional opens the Login to Primavera P6 Professional login page.