Thursday, November 5, 2015

Differences between Microsoft Project and P6

Differences between Primavera and Microsoft Project (MSP):

We will default all values to the MSP defaults for fields we do not have in Primavera.

Project Start is what MSP uses to schedule. Activities with no predecessors will have the project start date, instead of the Data Date as the early start date from Primavera.

SF relationships in MSP do not abide by Primavera dates and cannot be before the data date.

Primavera Duration% = (Original Duration - Remaining Duration)/Original Duration while MSP %Complete is Actual/Duration.

Material resources in MSP cannot have Max Units/Time, Overtime rate, calendar, or email.

There is no actual overtime work in MPX.

If a loop is generated from Primavera because of using LOE activities, it will import all activities into MSP, but remove the relationships so that there is no loop. MSP detects relationships to LOE activities as loops, Primavera does not.

For MPX export, zero duration activities will be imported into MSP as milestones, even if they are not start or finish milestones in Primavera.

There is no type of Role concept in MSP. So all roles assigned to activities are lost during export.

A task in MSP can have durations as well as be marked as a Milestone. We will always import tasks that are marked as milestones as Milestones, not tasks with durations.

In MSP, milestones do not look at calendars when scheduling. Milestones can start on non-work intervals.

MSP does not allow negative units, but allows negative cost and price/time. Primavera does not allow negative price/time, but allows negative units and cost (Primavera does not allow negative budgeted and remaining units for non-fixed duration type activities).

MSP allows SS and FS relationship between summary tasks. Primavera does not allow relationships between WBS Summary Activities.

Embedded/Linked MSP projects in an MSP project will not be imported. Only the opened project will be imported with its activities.

Primavera At Completion duration maps to MSP Duration because this is field used for scheduling.

Cannot have a duplicate resource assigned to a task in MSP. We will export the combined data for the resource to one MSP resource.

All resource assignments are exported from Primavera to MSP as non-driving.

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