Monday, November 4, 2019

Managing remote projects

You can "check out" projects so that they can be worked on remotely. Once a project is checked out, it can no longer be modified until it has been checked in. In addition to checking in the project, you may replace the existing project with the remote copy of the project by using the Import wizard.
If you are working in P6 EPPM, you can choose whether to check out to an XML file or to a local database. If you choose to check out to a local database, a new local database is created for you the first time you check out projects from P6 EPPM. Each time you check out the local database is overwritten. To avoid losing your work, you must check projects back in again before you check out more projects from the same EPPM database. If you connect to more than one EPPM database, checking out projects to a local database will create separate local databases for each EPPM database.
Once you have checked out the projects you need to work on offline, you can log into the local database. While you have projects checked out, other users will be able to open the projects in the EPPM database but will not be able to modify them. After you have finished updating the projects offline, you can check them back into the EPPM database so that other users can work in those projects.
When checking out to a local database:
  • You cannot checkout baselines with your project.
  • Users' security settings do not apply to checked out projects; all data for the project is exported to the local database, including data which the user is prevented from seeing by their security profile.
  • If errors occur during the process of checking in from a local database, no data will be imported.
  • Checking in from a local database does not respect admin preferences limits during import and can therefore import invalid data. For example, codes are imported even if they are longer than the code length specified in admin preferences.
  • When you check in projects, project calendar data is replaced not merged. Global calendar data is not imported.
  • When you check in projects from a local database, resource security is not honored so resources can be assigned to the project even if the user who checks in the project does not have permissions to view that resource.

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