Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How to delete financial data from the database.

You may want to check the resource assignment for the project and activity. You may also have to do this at the database level. Not sure if you're on client or web, but here are the scripts for the client. How to run a database query to find the actual units and cost that are stored in financial periods for a specific resource assignment. The query will return the actual units and cost along with the financial period they are stored in. select t.act_qty, t.act_cost, f.fin_dates_name, f.start_date, f.end_date from trsrcfin t inner join findates f on t.fin_dates_id = f.fin_dates_id where t.taskrsrc_id in (select taskrsrc_id from taskrsrc where rsrc_id in (select rsrc_id from rsrc where rsrc_short_name = 'XXX')) and t.task_id in (select task_id from task where task_code = 'YYY' and proj_id in (select proj_id from project where proj_short_name = 'ZZZ')); Substitute the blue text with the specific information for the resource, activity and project. XXX - Resource ID YYY - Activity ID ZZZ - Project ID

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