Monday, October 5, 2015

How do you upate progress?

You want to choose one way or the other. Either doing it manually or using auto-compute. It may depend on how many activities you are looking to update. There is information on updating in the use guide as well.

Common updating process steps:

Create a baseline
• Identify the new data date
• Enter activity progress throughout the week (update duration remaining & at complete, dates,
or physical % complete).
• Report resource use and costs to date (done automatically by timesheets & apply actuals).
• Reschedule using the new data date (done by job services).
• Perform baseline analysis.
– Compare current plan to baseline plan to analyze variances.
• Monitor project progress with reports.
– Determine whether project objectives are being met.

Updating the Progress of Activities Using P6
Update status to define percent complete and start and finish dates.
To update status:
1) Click Projects.
2) On the Projects navigation bar, click Activities.
3) On the Activities page, select an activity and click the General detail window.
4) In the General detail window, in the Status section:
a. Select or clear the Started and Finished options.
b. If you select an option, click
and select a date from the calendar.
c. Enter a percentage in the Activity % Complete field.
5) On the Activities page, click the Actions
menu and select
Save (Ctrl+S).


  1. Hi Mona,

    you have written a very detailed step by step process for program update. I have tried to combine the two methods you have suggested above.

    First i did the automatic progress update and then went back to change the activities that did not perform as per plan to change their status.

    I am getting error message if try to clear the Actual start and actual finish check boxes "Can not set status to Not Started if activity has actuals". This happens to some activities and not for all with acutals.

    Can you please guide me how to updaed in this case?


  2. You most likely have actuals in the labor units or resource assignment. Go to activity>status to clear out labor units. Thought they are most likely coming from a resource that has charged actuals on the activity unless you are using auto-compute actuals. Either case, should be able to clear them