Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How to work with remote projects in P6 Professional?

You can "check out" projects so that they can be worked on remotely. Once a project is checked
out, it can no longer be modified until it has been checked in. In addition to checking in the project,
you may replace the existing project with the remote copy of the project by using the Import

Check out a project

1) Open the projects you want to check out.
2) Choose File, Check Out.
3) Select the projects you want to check out.
To check out a project, it must be open. If the project you want to check out is not on the list,
click Cancel, open the project, and restart the wizard.
4) Type the name of the file and the location where the file will be saved.
5) Click Finish.
An XER file is created that exports complete project information to other P6 Professional or P6
EPPM applications.

View the check-out status of a project
1) Choose Enterprise, Projects.
A red checkmark displays beside any project that is currently checked out.
2) Choose View, Show on Bottom, Project Details.
3) Click the General tab, and check the status of the project in the Check Out Status field.
Privileged users can also change the status of a project in this field.
The Checked Out By field indicates the user that checked out the project.
The Date Checked Out field indicates the date and time the user checked out the project.

Modify check in update options
1) Open the projects you want to check in.
2) Choose File, Check In, then select the project you want to check in.
3) In the Update Project Options dialog box, select the layout you want to modify and click Modify.
4) In the Modify Import Configuration dialog box, select the data you want to modify.
5) Select the action to perform during the check-in process.
6) Mark the Delete checkbox to remove unreferenced data, data in the project you are updating
but not included in the check-out file, from the project.
7) Click OK.

Check in a project
1) Open the projects you want to check in.
2) Choose File, Check In.
3) Select the file you want to check in.
4) Double click the Import Action field to select how the project data is checked in.
Select Update Existing Project to update with any new new/modified date in the XER file.
Select Replace Existing Project to delete the existing project and replace it with the project
checked in from the XER file
Select Ignore this Project to not check in the project.
5) Select the data to check in by modifying the layout configuration in the Update Project Options
dialog box.
6) Select the currency for the projects in the Currency Type dialog box.
7) Click Finish.

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