Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Financial Periods in P6 EPPM

About Financial Periods

Financial periods are predefined time periods you can apply to financial or scheduling data throughout the application to consistently measure and compare that data. Customized financial periods provide more accurate display and reporting of actual costs and units according to time increments recognized by your finance and accounting staff. Users can focus on a financial period and pinpoint how actual costs were incurred during that time.

A calendar year with 355 days, a fiscal quarter ending July 15, and a week from Sunday to Saturday are all examples of financial periods.

You must have the 'Add/Edit/Delete Financial Period Dates' global privilege to create, modify, or remove data in the Financial Periods dialog box. To store past period actuals for a project’s defined financial periods, you must have the Store Period Performance and 'Add/Edit Activities Except Relationships' project privileges. To edit past period actual data in P6 Professional after storing period performance, users must have the 'Edit Period Performance' project privilege.


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