Monday, June 1, 2020

Migrate the Old P6 Web Java-Based Views to Standard XHTML Views...From Gopalakrishnan Palaniappan Solution Architect | SME – Oracle Primavera Applications @ Accenture

Now P6 EPPM Web is 100 % Java Free Version.

We are often asked this question by our clients during the primavera upgrade assignments. How to convert their Classic Java-Based Views to Standard XHTML Views.

Here is the answer from the 19.X version.

Oracle has given an excellent tool for this migration. It converted nearly 100 + Views within 5 mins. I truly impressed with its performance mainly.

The View Migration Utility (VMU) to convert classic views into standard views. Only Admin Superuser global security profile to use the VMU.

When you use the VMU, you can choose to convert all classic views or to convert views according to user scope (global, multiple users, or user views). After conversion, the new views will have the same user scope as the classic views had, for example, a migrated multiple user views will be assigned to the same users to which the original view was assigned.

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