Wednesday, July 1, 2020

How Do I Configure the Stage Database For P6 Professional When Using an OCI Environment? (Doc ID 2596451.1)

  1. Open P6 Professional
  2. At the login screen select Databases at the top
  3. Open the existing Cloud database configuration for OCI
  4. Copy the URL
  5. The URL will be:<$organizationname>/p6procloudconnect
  6. Cancel the database configuration
  7. Go to the list of databases and Select "Add"
  8. Enter in a database alias name
  9. Select P6 Pro Cloud Connect from the drop-down driver type list
  10. Copy the URL from above and paste it in to the URL field
  11. Modify the URL to:<$organizationname>/stage/p6procloudconnect
  12. To find the database name:
  13. Go to the browser
  14. Enter in the address field:<$organizationname>/stage/p6procloudconnect/checkbasichealth
  15. Database will be listed at the top of the screen in the browser
  16. Enter in the database name in the database field in the database configuration wizard
  17. Enter in 9999 into the Timeout field
  18. Complete the database configuration wizard and login to P6 Professional
Thanks Dana!

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