Monday, July 20, 2020

P6 Professional cannot save some of your changes. Restart P6 Professional" When Using P6 Professional Cloudconnect (Doc ID 2569179.1)

Power settings on laptops may be powering off the hard disk, putting the computer to sleep/hibernation, and/or the network adapter is being turned off.

For example, if the power options are set to "power off hard disk" after 20 minutes (while plugged in) or "power off hard disk" after 20 minutes (on battery), and the user is logged into P6 Professional when the power off occurs, the connection to the database is lost. Once the connection is lost, the user must exit P6 Professional and re-launch/login.


Check and change those power options that may be causing a lost data connection.
Control Panel - Power Options
Evaluate and change the laptop's power options for hibernation, sleep, network adapter settings, hard disk.
Example: If the computer is set to sleep in 10 minutes on battery or 20 minutes when plugged in:
If a user is logged into P6 Professional and goes to lunch, during this time, the connection would be lost.
Note: The power settings may be user or company specific, and it may be necessary to get the assistance of IT support to make these types of changes.

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