Thursday, September 24, 2020

Change the company name in Cloud Adminstration

Manage Companies

The Manage Companies table in Primavera Administration enables you to manage companies for your applications. A company represents a logical container of users in Primavera Administration.

There are two types of companies:

  • Owner company: An owner company has been created for you. A single owner company is required by Primavera Administration. You can modify certain aspects of the owner company (including the company full name and the password policy). It is not possible to delete an owner company.
  • Partner companies: A partner company is a separate entity from the owner company that needs to access your applications. Examples of partner companies include vendors, resellers, subcontractors, suppliers, and other consultants. Partner companies are listed under the owner company on the left side of the Manage Companies page.

    When you add a partner company in Primavera Administration, you can also assign one or more applications to the company. If you assign Primavera Unifier, the partner company is also created within that application.

Click the Manage Companies tab to view the Manage Companies table.

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