Monday, September 28, 2020

S-Curve report in P6 EPPM

This report consists of a chart and a table. The chart shows Planned Labor Units on the y-axis and date on the x-axis and plots the Original Planned Labor Units, Achieved versus Plan, Additional Work and Milestone Dates. The table gives the Total Target Planned Work, Planned Work To Date, Cancelled Work To Date, Additional Work To Date, Planned Work Achieved To Date, Total Work Achieved To Date, Manhours Planned, Manhours Achieved, Lost Time Manhours To Date, Actual Percent Complete To Date, Target Percent Complete To Date, and Actual Manhours To Date.


  1. Click Reports.
  2. On the Report page:
    1. Click View and select Reports.
    2. Expand the P6Reports folder.
    3. Expand the Project folder.
    4. Click S Curve.



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