Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Workspaces Overview (EPS) - OPC

“Workspaces are independent containers that can contain other Workspaces or Projects.“ :

Workspaces represent the hierarchical structure of your organization's businesses, projects, or processes. Workspaces can be subdivided into as many nodes or levels as needed to represent work at your organization. Nodes at the highest level might represent divisions within your organization, project phases, site locations, or other major groupings that meet the needs of your organization.

The number of workspaces and their structure depend on your organization's project structure. For example, you might want to define increasingly lower levels of workspaces, similar to an outline, to represent broad areas of work that expand into more detailed projects. Specify as many workspaces as necessary to fulfill the requirements of your operations executives and program managers. You can create workspaces under the production and non-production workspaces that are established for you. Most structures or data that you create under the non-production workspace can be moved to a production workspace through the import/export configuration feature.

Workspaces provide a way to customize sets of data for the projects contained within that structure. You can share data from higher level workspaces and create additional custom data within a specific workspace. Data that is required for the entire organization should be associated at the root level workspace so it can be pushed down to child production and non-production workspaces.

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