Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Creating a filter. Can I use unlimited Parameters within one filter? What am I overlooking? It will only filter my chosen parameter with a Start & Finish. Three lines total.

Are you using client or web? You can use a number of parameters, but depending on the details of those parameters and if they are looking for different items in the same topic, there is a chance they cancel each other out and give back no results. When setting up filters, make sure to carefully select "all" or "any" and how you set up the filter with "and" and "or".


Display all rows Parameter Is Value High Value
Filter Item: (Any of the following) (Any of the following)

  Where (All of the following)

    Where Start is less than CD
    And Finish is greater than CD
  Or (All of the following)

    Where Start is greater than CD
    And Start is less than CD+2W

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