Thursday, February 12, 2015

how to assign multiple price /units to the same resource...can two budgeted cost columns viewed at the same time....

You can do this in the resources section. You can set two rates either by rate type or by effective dates. Usually you see a resource in one role and using one rate and then at a certain point in time takes on a new role and new rate. The rate type must correspond to the project rate type an only one rate type can be used per project. To clarify, you will have one rate type for the project. The resources that you use will need to have amounts populated in that rate type. You can use different rates for the same resource, but it's best to have them set to be effective at different dates or use an override. As for seing them in budgeted cost, the respective resource rate/costs will roll up to the budgeted costs for the activity. You can see budgeted assignment costs across resources in the assignment view.

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