Thursday, January 8, 2015

How to build a filter to show budgeted cost for the FY and filter out the cost before the FY start and after the FY finish

I need a filter which can show just the FY budget cost even if the projects started before the FY start (October 1st) and goes passed the FY finiish (September 30th).I have tried using start and end dates but it filters out the entire activity if the start is before Oct 1st and same with finish dates. I'm trying to show a spend plan for the FY

You would need to first create a filter to sort through which projects you wanted. You're going to need to decide where you want your FY to cutoff. It can't be all of the prior year, so I suggest those that could pull in those that will have FY money go into FY15. You could use something like...

Where Finish is greater than or equals 01-Jul-14

And Finish is less than or equals 30-Sep-15

Once you have the projects pulling through, you can get the list of projects, open them all up, go into activities and apply an activity filter that is somewhat similar. Make sense? I created the first filter and applied it and it worked fine. The second filter is something similar.

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