Wednesday, January 7, 2015

User wants to level resources.

Leveling resources
Resource leveling is a process that helps you ensure that sufficient resources are available to perform the activities in your project according to the plan. During resource leveling, an activity is only scheduled to occur when its resource demands can be met. To accomplish this, tasks may be delayed to resolve resource availability conflicts.

Typically, you level during the forward pass through a project. This determines the earliest dates to schedule an activity when sufficient resources will be available to perform the task.
If forward leveling delays the project's early finish date, late dates remain unchanged unless you clear the checkbox to preserve scheduled early and late dates in the Level Resources dialog box. In this case, a backward pass recalculates late dates.


· While resource leveling provides one way to resolve resource conflicts, you may also want to consider alternative solutions, such as changing activity relationships or reallocating resources.

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