Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Why is the SPI and CPI for the tasks A10790 not “1”. The schedule was recently baselined and expect it to be “1” if not closer.

CPI is the Earned Value/Actual Cost. A value more than 1 means that the planned value has exceeded the actual cost. For CPI I see that it is 1.29 is from (EV Cost)/ (Act Cost). So maybe actuals are missing or are not current. SPI is the Earned Value/Planned Value. A value more than 1 means that more work was actually performed than was scheduled. For SPI I see that it is 1.11 and that is because the (EV Cost)/(PV Cost). The budget at completion taken at the time baselining may have been less than what should’ve been forecasted. There are a number of factors that contribute to Planned Value Cost, so I attached the application calculation and definition for your review.

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