Friday, January 16, 2015

What is a user?

Create the users who will view & edit global & project data in P6. If your security privileges enable you to edit users, use this dialog box to add and remove users, assign global and project profiles to users, and enable or disable access to projects and P6 products. Based on your resource security settings, this dialog box displays users assigned to resources to which you have access. Use this dialog box to manage resource security and user interface view assignments for each user on the Global Access tab. You can also use this dialog box to display the number of users assigned access to each P6 module.

This will be the general control area for user access to P6. You can determine login credentials, global access, project access, module access, and contact information.

Note – A user will have access to the database and that capability will be determined on what level you set the user’s global, project, & module access. A user does not have to be a resource and a resource does not have to be a user.

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