Thursday, January 15, 2015

Is anyone familiar with creating a resource-specific column for budgeted labour units? If I have an activity with 800 boilermaker, 300 scaffolder, and 200 pipe fitter hours can I create a column that will separate and only show the boilermaker hours?

Option 1 - add the column for budgeted labor units. Then, create a filter that is looking at your respective resource. Like Resource ID = Boiler or Resources = Boilermaker and so on. Save each layout by the respective resource. Not ideal, but you can't really include a filter in a UDF, but you can include a filter in a layout and I have done this with clients who were using just the web. When you upgrade to the later versions/web, you can build in some logic to your UDF's.

Option 2 - use resource codes and then filter on those.

Option 3 - use customized resource assignments view with filter applied for specific resource.

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