Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Manually updating resource’s budgeted units.

By manually entering the planned resource/role distribution in future period assignment buckets, you can create an accurate baseline plan to measure against current project progress. As the current project schedule progresses and you apply actuals, you can track how the project is performing against plan by comparing the project’s budgeted or planned future periods to the current project’s actuals.

If work on an activity is not proceeding according to plan, you can manually update the remaining units for an assignment's future periods, enabling you to measure the remaining work for an assignment without changing the original plan. Alternatively, if you choose to re-estimate future work based on changes to the project schedule, you can edit an assignment's future period budgeted or planned units while the activity is in progress; if many assignment's require re-estimation, you can establish a new baseline plan based on your changes.

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