Thursday, January 15, 2015

I am using Primavera R8.3.2 standalone version.I have uploaded the resources in my schedule with their respective rates. For some of the activities , the actual rates of the resources have changed than what was planned. For example: rate/cum of concrete was planned to be $200. Now the actual rate of the concrete is coming to be $210 per cum. The total quantity of the material is same during planned and actual case. Please advice how to show the actual rate of the resource in this case to get the actual cost.

In this version you should be able to go into Resources>Administration and setup the respective rates for the resources being used. You will want to make sure that the rate you are choosing has accurate effective dates and that the project rate matches the resource rate you are using. Believe you can list 5. Price / Unit1 - Price / Unit. If using client, you can go to EPS>Project>Resources to see the respective rate that the project is using.

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