Tuesday, January 6, 2015

User’s CPI is inflated.

For some of the activities marked finished, the actuals are only about 10% of what was budgeted. If all timesheets & actuals are up to date, you can re-allocate the remaining hours to activities that are currently in progress or not started. This will allow to make up for the shortfall of the undercharged activities. 

There are a few activities that have a high performance % complete, but just started and are less than 10% complete based on the duration (screen shot below). These same activities have finish dates that are all less than the finish dates that the project was baselined with.
For the fixed price fee, the set-up is correct, but when you add an actual amount that is less than the budgeted, you want to add the remaining to the following line to account for what is actually left. Otherwise the BAC will be more than the EAC each time you add an actual cost. 

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