Monday, January 5, 2015

PM wants to see resource allocation/over-allocation.

Resource Usage Profile View
The view we wanted to show you is the resource usage profile. This view is helpful to show allocation of resources across project(s). Once you open the project and go into activities, you can access this view by selecting the button located on the toolbar. You can customize it to your preference. The one below is an example of having one project open. The resource list on the left can be scrolled through and this will change the histogram on the right. The legend can be moved via click & drag. You can also customize the histogram to show a number of different unit & cost views (Figure B). I can stop down to help you configure it to your specs if you have any trouble.

The Resource Usage Profile is available only in the bottom layout of the Activities window. The bottom layout window is divided into two panes.
The left pane lists all the resources or roles stored in the hierarchy, depending on your current view. In the stacked histogram view, the left pane lists all the resource or role filter/group names in the hierarchy.
The right pane displays the values for the activities assigned to each resource or role in the histogram, or resource or role filter/group name in the stacked histogram.

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