Monday, January 5, 2015

User wants to set a resource curve for their resources.

Resource curves
Resource/cost distribution curves enable you to specify how you want resource units or costs spread over the duration of an activity. Resource units and costs are distributed evenly during an activity unless you specify nonlinear distribution using curves.

You can assign a resource distribution curve to any resource or role assignment on activities with a duration type of Fixed Duration and Units/Time or Fixed Duration & Units. Assign the appropriate curve to a resource or role assignment by selecting a curve in the Curve column in the Resource Assignments window. 

You can also assign a resource curve in the Resources tab in the Activity Details. If timesheet data exists for the actuals, curves are ignored for the actuals and are spread using the timesheet data. Activities with timesheet data continue to spread the remaining units using the curve. In order to use curves to calculate the Actual Units/Cost and EV Units/Costs, the new project setting that uses duration percent complete to calculate actuals should be marked.

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